Hyattsville resident Arif Naseem's career as a Realtor was going well before the recession kicked in last year, hitting the housing industry particularly hard. With so many people out of work and many others skittish about spending during an economic downturn, fewer people were in the market to buy a home.
"I'm trying my best to pick up the pieces," Naseem said.

n the past, Naseem had health insurance through his wife's company,  but when she lost her job, they found themselves without any coverage
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Dr. Feroz Padder's story is that of tragedy, triumph, challenges and opportunity. In 2006, on Halloween night, his then wife, Dr. Amira Abbas, and two beautiful children – Ayesha and Ali, were killed in a tragic car accident. Immediately after this horrible tragedy, he set up a foundation to honor his deceased family. The Ayesha & Ali Foundation currently operates a clinic in Prince Georges County, Maryland where each Friday, patients receive medical and psychiatric treatment free of charge. Under Dr. Padder?s leadership, The Ayesha & Ali Foundation is working to turn this into a 5-day a week operational free clinic for uninsured people of Maryland.

Date : April, 2009